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Welcome to Kiddos of Katy, where education meets care in a community-driven environment. Mr. Miguel, our dedicated owner, is deeply involved in the center and its community. With a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Language and prior experience as an HISD elementary teacher and cross-country coach, his passion for education and childcare led to the establishment of Kiddos of Katy in 2015, with an expanded facility in 2022.

As a father of twins, Mr. Miguel understands the importance of providing the best care possible. His commitment is reflected in his continuous participation in childcare conferences and training, ensuring our team delivers the highest standards of care and education.

Kiddos of Katy is committed to offering safe, affordable, and high-quality educational services. Our hands-on experiential learning approach creates a nurturing environment for children in the Katy community. Join us on this educational journey where our top priorities are every child’s growth and development.

A Supportive Environment Fostering Your Child's Growth

Recognizing each child’s distinct talents and untapped potential, our childcare approach centers on the belief that early experiences lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Committed to establishing a secure, inclusive space, we provide a nurturing environment where children boldly explore, discover, and enrich their skills.
A Supportive Environment Fostering Your Child's Growth
Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Through Play

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Through Play

Our unique play-based learning approach engages, inspires, and educates. We believe that learning is most impactful when it’s enjoyable and meaningful. Our play-based curriculum nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and social skills, ensuring well-rounded, holistic development for your child’s bright future and plenty of laughs along the way.
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