Why Choose Us

Tight-Knit Teacher-Student Connections Boost Learning

Ultra-Clean Spaces That Other Parents Rave About

Rigorous Safety Practices Give You Peace Of Mind

Hands-On, Play-Based Learning That Immerses Them

Small Class Sizes Make For The Best Experience

A Family-Owned Environment That Feels Like Home

Spanish Lessons Improve Academic Performance

A Specialized Curriculum Builds Essential School Skills

Daily Outdoor Play Build Healthy Exercise Habits

Interactive Projector Games Improve Learning Outcomes

Our Programs


6 Wks - 12 Months

Toddlers 1

13 - 17 Months

Toddler 2

18 to 23 Months

2 Years

24 to 35 Months

3 Years

3 to 4 Years


4 to 5 Years


6 to 12 Years